Popular Myths About Children Learning Instruments Debunked!

Popular Myths About Children Learning Instruments Debunked!

Are your children learning an instrument? Or are you planning to enroll them in an instrument class? Both sound great, but there is something we would like to give you a heads up, before you waste your money and your children’s time.

The earlier they start, the better

“Put your children into an instrument class before they turn 3, that’s the time they absorb new knowledge the best.”  If you have heard of this saying, please forget about it. If you actually believe in it, please… just don’t. Not only is this statement false, but it is also dangerous. There is a reason why we offer classes to children aged 4-12, because those below 4 are not suitable in playing any instrument. Bones of children at the age of 3 or younger are not fully grown – they are rather soft. Practicing instruments, even for fun, constantly could cause damage to the bones’ structures, not to mention if they are playing an instrument incorrectly and without proper guidance.

Do not invest in an expensive instructor when children are beginners 

Many parents tend to randomly hire an instructor when their children first start to learn an instrument, and not until years later when they become rather advanced or experienced that the parents are willing to invest in a professional music tutor. In fact, this is considerably detrimental to the children’s learning progress. 

Oftentimes we encounter students who are very talented – they understand and master the piece very quickly, yet they have some bad habits, such as the way they hold or play the instrument, thanks to the unprofessional tutors. We have to spend time helping them get rid of the faults and that might take longer than everything. 

This is why we could not empathize enough with the importance of having a qualified and professional music instructor.

Children improve faster when they only practice difficult pieces 

Everything takes time to progress, and the progress is made step by step. Learning an instrument is no exception. All instrument learners should start from the basics, and proceed to the next level as they improve. Of course, everyone’s development is difficult. But one thing for sure is that, they all start the same. 

Sadly, some parents believe that if we offer their children only the advanced pieces, it would boost their progress. This is most certainly not the case. If we offer a difficult piece to a beginner, they may know how to perform, very smoothly even, with our guidance. But it does not mean that they are good enough in playing such advanced pieces, only that particular piece, which they may not even be able to realize how complex it is due to lack of knowledge. If they miss a solid foundation and are unfamiliar with musical knowledge, there is no way they can become an adept performer.

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