Music Universe Student Concert Review

Music Universe Student Concert Review

On June 26, 2021, we have held The Pianist Concert. Nothing had come easily under such difficult time. Yet, with 29 young and dedicated performers, supportive parents, and diligent staff members, the concert was a great success. We are ultimately grateful that it ran smoothly and it was undoubtedly a remarkable night for all of us.

29 young talents, aged 3-14, all performed incredibly that night. Without a second thought, every single one of them must have practiced hours and hours, striving to shine the brightest in the fleeing time on the stage. We were glad to see their hard work paid off, and we hope that they can be proud of themselves as well. Not only should they keep in mind the outstanding performance they had this time, but also the effort they put in and the motivation that brought them all the way to this stage, which will lead them to go far, with great determination, on their musical journey.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to parents who have been showing their support and trust. Under these circumstances when unexpected issues happen every day, parents were still willing to bring their children all the way to a small concert, we could hardly put in words how thankful we felt. It was also because of the love and support from the parents to their children that made all the performances impressive. Encouragement and recognition from parents are vital to children’s success, thus we hope parents can continue standing by children’s side when they experience ups and downs on the way to their dreams.

Once again, we are eternally appreciative that The Pianist Concert has received so much support and that all students worked hard for it. We hope to see our talents shine on stage again with even more astonishing performances. 


Thank you for your participation, see you all next time!

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