What is Music theory

Music theory involves the examination of the fundamental principles that form the foundation and arrangement of music. It encompasses various elements such as musical notation, scales, chords, rhythm, harmony, and structure. Its purpose is to provide a structured framework for comprehending the inner workings of music, explaining why certain musical elements function as they do and offering guidance on how to explore and experiment with different possibilities within music.

Teachers & Services

All of our music tutors hold professional qualifications and possess extensive teaching experience accumulated over the years. Each music lesson is carefully tailored to the individual's age and performance level, aiming to guide students in a progressive manner towards mastering music theory. We will carefully prepare the necessary materials for you to study, including examination books, answer books, exercise books, etc., and endeavor to create a worry-free learning process for you.

Our Version

We believe that every musician should possess a solid foundation in music theory to enhance their playing, singing, or composing abilities. Our course offers comprehensive instruction in music notation, accompanied by numerous practical examples, exercises, and definitions of key terms and concepts. It includes sample questions and valuable tips to aid students in their learning journey. While this course is designed to prepare candidates for ABRSM music theory exams, it also serves as an excellent resource for individuals seeking to develop overall music literacy skills.

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