Learning Chinese Instruments

Music Universe offers Guzheng lessons in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced teachers are well-versed in various styles of Chinese music, including classical, folk, and traditional repertoire. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch, preparing for exams, an intermediate player looking to enhance your skills, or simply seeking to reconnect with the beauty of Guzheng, we provide a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience to help you achieve your musical goals. Our tailored lessons cater to your individual needs, whether you want to focus on technique, improve your performance abilities, or simply immerse yourself in the joy of playing the Guzheng.


The Guzheng is a plucked string instrument originating from ancient China. It belongs to the chordophone family and produces beautiful sounds by plucking its strings. With its rich cultural heritage and unique musical style, the Guzheng is a popular choice for those interested in exploring traditional Chinese music.

Learning the Guzheng can be challenging for young children due to its long neck and the finger strength required to press the strings. However, as children grow older, they can begin their Guzheng journey. This instrument offers an elegant appearance and distinctive tonal qualities, allowing children to develop their musical perception and coordination while experiencing the enchantment of traditional Chinese music. Our tailored Guzheng lessons cater to different age groups, providing engaging and interactive instruction that inspires a love for Guzheng music. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, students will learn essential playing techniques, explore repertoire, and express themselves musically, fostering a joyful learning environment and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Guzheng.

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet the needs and nurture the growth of children by building a strong musical foundation. In addition to regular lessons, we focus on developing essential skills such as rhythm, sight-reading, and aural exercises. Our experienced teachers customize the lessons to each student, aligning with their interests and creating a joyful and fun learning environment. Our goal is to cultivate young maestros of music who are passionate and skilled in their musical journey.

Comprehensive Educational Support

Our Guzheng lessons go beyond the physical aspect of playing the instrument. In addition to teaching essential techniques, our experienced teachers provide students with comprehensive knowledge of music, including music history, genres, styles, and theory, fostering a broader understanding of music. To enhance their musical growth, we organize 2-3 peer performance practices per year, allowing students to develop stage manners, confidence, self-recognition, and overcome stage fright. Through this approach, we aim to empower our Guzheng students to become well-rounded musicians who excel both technically and creatively.


Learning Guzheng

Improve Academic Skills

Stimulates Creativity

Enhance Self-expression

Improves Visuospatial Processing

Improves Concentration

Develops Discipline and Patience

Elaborate Problem Solving Ability

Improves Observatory and Reading Skills

Boosts Self-esteem and Confidence

Advance Brain Memory

Develops Physical Coordination

Serves As a Life-long Skill and Ability for Your Kid’s Future

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