Piano Accompaniment

Our team of professional performers offer assistance for anyone who wants to prepare for performances, auditions, competitions or examinations. Whether you are a student preparing for an exam or a soloist looking for accompaniment for your next show or audition, we will find the perfect accompanist for you.

 As the current Covid-19 outbreak lingers, arrangement for in-person piano accompaniment practice for ABRSM examination will resume when the situation allows. Our professional accompanists will give solid advice on the interpretation of exam pieces, as well as how you two could play in a harmonious way. 

Our studio in Southern District provides a private and comfortable place for exam video recording. The top-tier grand piano will offer you the best quality of accompanying music for your exam performance. Please feel free to contact us for more details on studio reservation.

Live Music Performance

Experience unforgettable live performances for weddings and private events. Our skilled performers provide professional entertainment tailored to your special day. With attention to detail and a personalized approach, we ensure a memorable experience. Contact us for an enchanting musical journey that will leave lasting impressions.

Wedding Live Performance: Our wedding band consists of experienced performers, ensuring the best for your special day.

Private Events: We offer professional live music performances for various events such as banquets, dinners, shows, marketing events.

Piano Tuning & Maintenance

Piano is an instrument largely made of wood, a elastic material which is sensitive to the slightest change in temperature and humidity. Especially in the turn of seasons, the unstable weather condition will cause a slow reaction of the keys, or loosening of the piano hammers. This will make the piano out of tune and perform poorly, which in turn will have an adverse effect during your practices or performance. In a long run, children may develop bad habit and hand shape, or even have a musical sense not so sharp with a malfunctioning piano.
To better maintain the performance and extend the life of a piano, it is recommended to arrange tuning and maintenance sessions quarterly for your piano. We have professionally trained piano technicians from Kawai providing piano tuning services, so as to ensure your piano keeps the best performance.

Apart from piano tuning, our piano technicians provide also piano maintenance and repairing services, including replacement of broken parts, replacement of hammers, painting, removing scratches, polishing, or even repairing piano stool.

ABRSM Enrollment & BackUp Service

Established in 1889, the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is one of five examination boards to award graded exams and diploma qualifications in music with worldwide recognition. More than 600,000 candidates participate in ABRSM exams each year. It provides exam of a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, musical theatre, etc. We provide exam enrollment service for parents and students to save the hassle of going through the complicated exam-registration system. ABRSM Examination is the most popular music exam in Hong Kong due to its practical nature in school applications. Their offering includes practical exams and performance grade exams. We can help you to choose the right type of exams and provide exam support for you and your kid to excel in the exams.

For Performance Grade exams, students are requested to record their performance of the exam pieces with camera, and then upload the videos to the ABRSM system.

For Music Theory exams, students are required to take the exam via an online exam platform. Our staff are glad to provide guidance and technical supports to help you get through all the difficulties during the exam process.

Registration through our service

1.Abundant registration experience


2.Professional video recording guidiance & evaulation


3.Mark sheet collection and deliverary


4.Remote theory exam software installation and subsequent technical procedure


5.Instant technical support

Registration by yourself

1.Complicated registration process


2.Without any guidance and support on the recording process. 


3. Take extra time to monitor the release of result


4.Without technician to aid in the installation and room scan for remote theory exam


5.Need to spend extra effort and time to communicate with ABRSM  if there is any problem 

Music Universe Studio

Located at a convenient spot in the Southern District, our studio provides student with a comfortable environment with high-end equipment.

With the agreement from parents, every season we invite students to our studio to make video recording of their performance. This is one of the methods to help our teaching team keep track of students’ learning progress. Students can review the videos repeatedly to observe their own performance from a third-person perspective. Meanwhile Teachers can give supportive comments on the performance and make comparison with videos recorded at different stage of learning. 

From time to time we will organize student recitals and peer practice sections in the studio. Interested students can take the chance to sharpen their performance skills, learn to work together with peers, practice stage manner and be courageous on stage.

Our grand piano is also  available for reservation, together with spot light. microphone and other facilities. Whoever wants to have a private and decent place to make ABRSM exam video recording, or whoever wish to practice without any distraction are all very welcome. Please contact our staff via whatsapp (+852 5138 2000) for more details. 

Digital Instrument Selling

Being a dealer of digital instrument brands, please feel free to let us know if you need the digital instruments!


YAMAHA/Roland Digital Piano and More NUX Electric Drum Set

  • – GHS weighted action & AWM sampling
  • – Included Accessories : Music Rest, Pedal and AC Adaptor


*For more information or other instruments, please contact us*

Piano Rental Service

Want to get a piano at home but don’t want to be stuck?

We provide high-quality piano renting services. Piano brands including YAMAHA and KAWAI pianos etc. 


*Each rental period can be six-month or longer 

*Discounted tuning service will be provided for each extended rental period 

*Includes chair and moisture-proof tube  

*One-Time transportation fee will be charged   

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