Tips To Help Frustrated Parents When Kids Suddenly Refuse To Practice Instruments

Tips To Help Frustrated Parents When Kids Suddenly Refuse To Practice Instruments

It is absolutely common to hear parents get frustrated when their kids refuse to practice the instrument or go to the instrument class. We understand how hard it is to stay calm and reason with your children when the last thing they want to do is to pick up the instrument, given how much time and effort you have invested. An argument may eventually be able to force them to practice, but we all know this will not be a solution. So now, take a deep breath, scroll down and see how you can guide your children back on the music journey without ruining your relationship with them.


Revise the practice schedule, and rearrange if needed.

Many parents schedule our in-home instrument class after homework tutorials, which their children attend right after school. They are drained, physically and mentally, when they arrive home. It makes perfect sense for them to get heavy-eyed or distracted easily. Not only learning the instrument is unlikely for them with that energy, but also any other activities, even watching TV. 

While you want your children to be perfect in every aspect, you may be stretching their limits too much, and they may end up absorbing only a tiny fraction of knowledge or even suffering health issues. 

Ensure your children have adequate time for leisure and rest, so that they are able to perform well at school and in instrument class, with optimal energy.


Examine practice environment

We understand that some parents would like to keep an eye on their children or keep them accompanied all the time during practice. We all are someone’s son or daughter, so imagine yourself practicing piano while your mum or dad sit across the living room all the time. It is suffocating, right? Not to mention when they were even working on their laptop and talking on the phone, the sound would cause more pressure.  

Trust your children. Give them some spaces. You can definitely hear them in the living room if they are really practicing, there is no need to stare at them throughout the whole practice. If you hear nothing from their bedroom, then ask, patiently. Remember, argument will not be a solution.


You are your kids’ best incentives and motivation

No one wants their kids to get spoiled or vulnerable; that’s how strict parenting comes into play. We have seen countless parents having high hopes for their children – winning certain award in a competition, getting certain score in AMRSM exam and so on. Let’s not discuss if these goals are over-the-top to children, if you are one of these parents, have you ever complimented your children when they accomplish their “missions” by you? 

Some parents think that praising their children would make them proud and complacent, and that they may not push themselves hard for improvement anymore. But the truth is, if you pick on them every time after they achieve high, they would very likely feel dejected and meaningless to keep going on this journey.  

Just like you go to work every day to earn a better living for your children, though it is your responsibility, an occasional appreciation from your children could fuel you up.

Next time, when your kids come home with an award, or if they do not, give them a hug, let them know their efforts are recognized.

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