4 Ways to Improve Piano Playing

4 Ways to Improve Piano Playing

Have you ever experienced the extreme up and down of being able to master a few pieces shortly to not improving at all after nonstop practicing? No worries, you are not the only one going through this. In fact, it is very common for every pianist, or any music learner, to encounter this. Though we belie4e that you would eventually conquer it if you are persistent enough, we would still like to give you some tips to alleviate your anxiety.


  • Remember why you started

A lot of pianists started with passion, dreams, and love. But slowly, they forget about them, and practically numbly every day and night. Once you practice like a robot, there is no way that you could play perfectly, as we all know, playing music needs empathy and imagination – humane elements. Fall in love with your piano again, feel the passion that brought you to this journey, your struggle will vanish very soon.


  • Back to the basics

When you are capable of playing advanced pieces, it is unlikely for you to be willing to spend hours to practice scales or etudes. Yet, it is of utmost importance to practice them regardless of your level. Working on scales and etudes can consolidate the foundation of your performing skills, also enhance the flexibility and strength of your fingers, which are prerequisites of being an outstanding pianist.


  • Leave the piano aside… for awhile

No matter how much you love playing piano, you need some time to have it completely out of your sight. When you are giving your best in your practice but do not seem to make progress, it is a sign that both your body and mind are exhausted – you need to rest. Go shopping with your friends, gaming with your brothers, these would not stop you from becoming an excellent pianist, if you manage your time nicely.


  • Get a tutor who understands you

Are you still having lessons from the tutor that your parents hired? Or did you hire your own tutor by searching “best tutor in xxx”? We are not trying to say that they are unskilled or second-rate, simply “the best” does not necessarily suit you the best. A music instructor needs to understand your talents, deficiencies, needs, and more. An experienced pianist who is capable of playing intricate pieces may not able to notice your problems or specialties. Even they are able to teach you according to their myriad experiences, you could hardly gain more than performance techniques from them.

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