Christmas Showcase Review 2023

Christmas Showcase Review 2023

Music Universe splendidly organized an outdoor Christmas concert at the Central Market last month. This is the oldest market in Hong Kong, an innovative space that combines historical heritage with modern civilization. We had a wonderful festival together with a special performance here. 52 students and 4 teachers, a total of 56 performers joined our performance. With our professional team and top-notch equipment, we ensured a seamless and captivating performance. Through a variety of performance forms, we showcased the excellent results of students’ efforts. The show commenced with two groups of tacit teacher and student ensembles, setting the stage for a mesmerizing experience.

It was a great time for our students to showcase their musical talents. The repertoire included drums, guzheng, piano, flute, and violin. Through different styles and melodies, our students demonstrated the diversity of art through music. 

Our host fostered a positive and engaging atmosphere, creating delightful and intriguing conversations. The audience, filled with supportive friends and parents, added to the vibrant ambiance.

In addition to the outstanding solo performances, our
students and teachers performed an ensemble with great team spirit. The flute ensemble with 17 members delivered an exceptional performance.


On this stage, we shared the joy of music, celebrating the holiday season together as a family. Join us for a musical journey. Hope to see you all at our next showcase!


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