Music Universe Christmas Recital Review

Music Universe Christmas Recital Review

Shortly before Christmas, with a view of the city’s skyline, our little performers shine brightly on stage once again, like golden stars on top of Christmas trees.

From time to time, we organize different concerts for students. The purpose is to offer a platform for our little talents to showcase the gracious fruit of their hard work. They can take the opportunity to practice stage manner, refine stagecraft and overcome stage fright. And most importantly, they can share music and joy with others.

The Christmas Recital on 18th December is one of the happiest concerts we have ever had. We appreciate all who had chosen to spend their precious time with us. Without the participation of our talented and dedicated students, supportive parents and professional teaching team, we could not achieve such a great, joyful success.

37 next-generation musicians, aged 3-14 , showed incredible performance that afternoon. They all come from renowned school including Hong Kong International School, German Swiss International School, The French International School of Hong Kong, and many others. Some of them are even from kindergartens.

                                                           “Concert joyfully ends up with Teachers’ Performance”

                                                                “Our brilliant performers and their performing pieces”

As the saying goes, “One minute of glory on stage, ten years of hard work off stage”. It is no ordinary experience to stand in front of an audience. Our beloved students, under the attention of so many people, showed solid confidence in their being on stage, with appropriate stage manner and the absence of stage fright. They must have spent days after days of practice in exchange of this glorious moment. We are very proud of them. Hope they will keep on this ever-lasting musical journey together.

For sure we must express our greatest appreciation to every participating parents as well. “Time is money”, our daily schedule can be so packed in our city. We have bunch of choices, and every single one of you had chosen to witness the growth of your little ones, who are much more precious than anything else in the world. Your presence is great support to other kids as well. Your presence, your smile, your clapping all encouraged our little performers a lot. In such a time of hardship, we are a community, bound by music and love, and most importantly, by a vision to the future. Towards the end of the Recital, we sang together “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, with accompany music played by our Vocal Teacher. And the concert ends up with Piano Teachers’ Performance.

Thank you again for everyone, we can’t be more grateful for your being part of the Recital. We shared happy moments before Christmas. Hope to see our little talents’ more fantastic performance in the future.

See you all next time. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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