Time and Effort Put Into Music Will Never Go In Vain

Time and Effort Put Into Music Will Never Go In Vain

Why do people learn to play a musical instrument? Is it for a dream-comes-true, joy, or fame? 

The former U.S. President, Gerald Ford, once said, “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement.” 

Indeed, through learning music, not only can you acquire musical knowledge, but it also helps excel in your inner qualities.


  • Patience and Concentration

It requires a high level of both patience and concentration in every practice in order to improve and succeed in any musical aspect, be it playing an instrument or writing a song. No one who muddles through their music journey can get any closer to success.


  • Imagination and Creativity

Each musical piece delivers a different meaning and energy. Only people who utilize their imagination to fullness can understand the story behind a piece. Therefore, music learners tend to think wild and big, even if the issue is not music-related. With such imagination and creativity, music learners often outshine other people in various industries.


  • Empathy

After understanding the story hidden in notes, players also have to comprehend the emotions in order to perform the piece in the correct manner. Best players can often convey their emotions to the audience, making them feel as joyful or upset as the performer, or even the composer.


  • Coordination and Memory

A well-known advantage of learning music. Without a shadow of a doubt, learning music is constantly training the memory, as the first stage of perfect performance is getting extremely familiar with the musical piece, as if it was written by you. As for coordination, not only is it referring to the work of hands when playing strings, or all limbs when you are a drummer, but it also means the full-body motion when performing a piece which helps deliver the message of the piece more clearly, which is vital to an impressive performance.

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