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Expects advocate that learning music stimulates the development of both sides of the brain. It can enhance academic performance as well as relieving kids’ pressure in the increasingly competitive school curriculum.

Music Universe offers student-centred home-visiting instrumental classes. Our trusted team of qualified instructors tailors courses to the abilities and interests of every single student, creating an effective and enjoyable learning experience. The centre also builds curriculums that reflects students' personal goals and needs, which is vital to a steady improvement. To ensure all members live up to our commitment, regular evaluation is carried out on every instructor to examine their teaching performance. Need not to travel far or pay extra, enjoy topflight personalized in home instrumental class with Music Universe.

Our Professional Team

To maximize the learning outcome, our institute sets strict criteria on both quality and personality in the selection of our teaching team. All Teachers are graduates from conservatoires around the globe and have acquired Performance Diplomas with their instruments. Some of them also possess Master's Degree in music.

They are well-experienced, patient and kind-hearted performers. Frequent communication with our institute ensures their thorough understanding of the needs of individual students. Their teaching strategy aims at encouraging advancement and realizing students’ latent potential, so that our beloved students can freely learn in an environment full of love and trust.

Our Teachers Graduated from these Schools

Our Vision

Music Universe strive to attend to the need and growth of children, and establish solid musical foundation through practicing rhythm, sight-reading and aural exercises in addition to regular lessons. Teachers will adjust the lesson content, in view of individuality of each student, allowing them to learn in a joyful and fun environment, turning them into young maestro of music.

Comprehensive Educational Support

Music Aesthetics and Appreciation: Other than a mere focus on the technical aspect of instrument playing, our teachers also impart fundamental music knowledge, such as music history, music genres and styles from different historic periods, and music theories, encouraging students to develop an in-depth understanding on music.

Performance Practice: Throughout the year we arrange 2 - 3 peer performance practices for students. To perform on stage, students can learn stage manner and stage craft; to face the audience they have to be courageous to overcome stage fright. In the process they can build confidence and self-recognition, and most importantly, to share joy and music with the others.

One-to-one In Home Instrumental Class

Our private home-visiting lessons allow students to learn effectively in the most familiar and convenient environment. The one-to-one setting allows Teachers to focus on the progress and performance of individual student. Without a pre-defined curriculum, we encourage parents and students to discuss with Teachers, so He/She can design a personalized teaching plan and provide the most suitable guidance accordingly.

Online Instrument Class

Apart from in person home-visiting instrument class, we also offer online class, a convenient way of learning an instrument without having social contact with the others.


Especially during the pandemic situation, online class starts to play an important role in several ways. First, it can keep students’ learning progress without having to suspend the class. Second, it is more convenient and provide more flexibility on scheduling. And third, it can maintain social distance, even woodwind instrument learning, which required students to take off mask, is made possible.

Save Travel Time and Travel Expenses

Knowing that children, and adults, in Hong Kong mostly have a packed schedule, it is hard to fit in all plans and activities.

Learning music with Music Universe will save your time struggle with traffic and tight schedule, our teachers come to your place at the time that suits you the best.

Without having to travel around will minimize social contact with people along the way, including passengers in public transport, passer-by, staff and fellow classmates in learning center, for examples. The risk of exposure to Covid-19 is greatly reduced.

Transportation time and cost are saved, and new knowledge is gained safely.

Emphasis on Building up Interest

For each individual student we design tailor-made course content and progress to get the best learning outcome.

We believe Interest and Passion are the best teacher. Our priority is to cultivate the inquisitiveness of a child. Before the start of a course, we get to know which musical genres, styles or composers interest your child the most, and include them into our teaching plan.

By doing so we hope to help them build a solid foundation on the craft, raise their interest and ultimately let their curiosity guide them on the path of learning music, and even their life journey.

Performance Opportunities

Music is a performing art. Student concerts are held once in a quarter of a year for them to familiarize with practising their craft on the stage. Past concerts were held in major venues like Hong Kong City Hall and Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Our students showcased on the music sharing at the Hong Kong Flower Shows as well. We also organize various competitions where students can demonstrate their musical capability and earn experience. Professional judges are invited to assess participants’ performances and provide valuable advice. A lot of our students acquired outstanding results and recognition in competitions and graded exams. Our syllabus also consists of performance group lessons where students can learn stage etiquettes and how to overcome stage fright, which benefit their growth as not only a musician, but also a confident person in the future.

Technical Support

Alongside music education service, Music Universe also provides a wide range of supporting services to assist Teachers and enhance students’ learning:



Instant online support platform

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact our administraion team. They are always ready to provide their professional service, solve any problem and answer your questions.



Zoom class technical support

If you encounter any difficulties concerning Zoom class connection, log-in procedures or audio problems, please feel free to seek solution from our supporting team. 



Free musical advice, musical instrument retail and delivery

We provide free advice on music-related issues: From choosing the right music course, instrument selection, ABRSM Exam application, to future development, we are glad to offer our assistance. For new students to pick their first instrument, to learners who wants to upgrade their equipment, we offer retail service with competitive price. We will arrange free delivery service to your home to save you the logistic trouble. 




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For enquiry, or any questions on starting up your musical journey, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or Call at 5136 2000 / 5138 2000.

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